The AI Strategy Handbook

This book is a guide to business strategy and applications of artificial intelligence. The first part introduces the strategy analysis framework, describes business and corporate strategies with AI, the digital value chain, and innovation strategy with AI. The second part of the book goes over some concrete examples of AI adoption and strategy in different sectors, from technology, media, and entertainment to manufacturing, and financial services.

Table of Contents

Preface: AI is the New PC

Part I: AI Business Strategy

Chapter 1: The Promise of AI

Chapter 2: The Strategy Analysis Framework

Chapter 3: Business Strategy with AI

Chapter 4: Corporate Strategy with AI

Chapter 5: The AI Value Chain

Chapter 6: Innovation Strategy with AI

Part II: Case Studies

Chapter 7: Technology

Chapter 8: Medial and Entertainment

Chapter 9: Retailers

Chapter 10: Industrials

Chapter 11: Financial Services


Appendix: The AI Agile Manifesto